Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who are we?

    We are a mobile app and web platform, which is easy to navigate and personalizes different offers, based on user's bank cards, loyalty programs, community cards, corporate card's and offer apps. We aggregate offers from different platforms and display the same as per the user’s preference. Our vision is to increase user’s spending power with easy access to offers.
  • How does HUNDRED work?

    After registering your personal details on the app, add your bank cards and any other cards that you have and you are good to go. We don't ask for your Credit Card number when you add cards - just select the picture of your cards to add in your profile. You can see the offers which you are eligible for based on your cards, by categories like F&B, Retail etc., by location and distance.
  • How do I create an account on HUNDRED?

    1. Enter your personal details, enter the OTP received on your email.
    2. Add your bank cards, other cards / relationships.
  • I didn’t receive my OTP via email, what do I do?

    Tap on Resend OTP after 60 seconds to receive a new One Time Password (OTP) on your email. Still facing a sticky problem? No worries, we’ve got your back. Please send us an email or connect with us on what's app from profile section on the app.


  • Do I Need to include my personal card details?

    No. Rest assured, you don’t have to! Hundred doesn’t ask for your personal and sensitive credit card details.
  • Where can I use Hundred? Can I use Hundred overseas?

    Currently we are available in the UAE only. We are working on including more markets in the future, do stay tuned in.
  • How do I find offers?

    If you're about to pay or planning ahead, find an offer on the spot as the geolocation feature helps you find offers in your vicinity and city. If you are looking for an offer for a specific merchant or specific area then you can search for the outlet or area in the search function to see the offers.
  • How do I save a favourite outlet/offer?

    Click on the heart icon on the top right of any outlet page
  • How do I share an outlet/offer with my friends and family

    You can do so by clicking the share icon on the top right corner of any outlet / offer page


  • How do I add my credit cards?

    Click the Add Card Icon at the bottom of the home screen, and then select your network, bank and cards.
  • How do I see offers for my cards only?

    Based on your cards that you have added to the Hundred App, you will only see offers from outlets where there are offers available on your card(s) on the outlets listing. On clicking any outlet, you can see the offers under the OFFER ON YOUR CARD tab. When you search for a specific outlet, you can also see whether you have any offer as per your profile card and offers which might be on other cards as well
  • How do I see offers on other cards?

    When you search for a specific outlet, you can see, offers on that outlet on cards in your profile or other cards which are not in your profile also
  • How do I delete a credit card?

    Click on the Profile icon at the bottom of the screen, then click on My Cards, which will then show you all your cards. You can then delete any card that you’d like to.
  • I'm interested in one of the Credit Cards! Am I able to apply for it through Hundred?

    Yes Absolutely, click on the Explore icon at the bottom of the home screen and it will show you listing of all cards available in the UAE, and you can either view offers on any of those cards or Apply for that card by clicking the tab next to the card. You can also apply for a card from OFFERS ON OTHER CARDS section under an outlet page.


  • How do I edit my profile?

    Tap on the Profile icon at bottom of home screen, and then select Edit Profile from the menu.
  • Oh no! I forgot my password.

    When you "Sign In", there is "Forgot Password", just tap on same and you will be sent a new OTP to your registered email, please input that OTP and reset your password
  • How do I change my password?

    Tap on the Profile icon at bottom of home screen, and then select Change Password on the Menu list
  • How do I log out of my account?

    Tap on the Profile icon at bottom of home screen, and then select Log Out on the Menu list
  • How can I delete/deactivate my account?

    Tap on the Profile icon at bottom of home screen, and then select Deactivate my Account on the Menu list
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